Found this while digging around on the Internet…just made me think!!

Is there truly a time in any persons lives where they have lost all hope on ever getting the girl back? I don’t care anymore about people saying “there are a million fish in the sea,” ” go have fun because you are single,” ” eventually you will get over her.” What if it is the case where everything in the world is going right for you but this one thing, this one perfect girl that you will never stop caring for, loving unconditionally and truly devoting everything to her is gone.

This is where I am at right now. I’m in the deepest hole of emotional turmoil, regret and depression. I wake up, go through the day and go to sleep constantly thinking about her, never breathing or smiling without her in the back of your head.

I know that if I don’t get her back, if she doesn’t see the truth about how she is everything to me, I don’t think I could really ever truly move on. I want to see the world and experience everything, but without her it is like a cake without icing. It torments your every second, where lightness becomes day, and night becomes a constant hell

Its about that time where therapy and medication won’t work and the only solution may not seem rational.

The Reply…

Ok, before I start to say my piece, let me say that I COMPLETELY understand your position. My boyfriend just broke up with me about a month ago, and since that day, I have not felt alive. People either rell me that “Everything happens for a reason” or “He’ll see, and things will be fine” but I am scared to believe that because it’s like if I do and then it doesn’t end up working out, then I will have an even harder time dealing. I know about those days and nights where life doesn’t seem living, I go through them everyday. But the one thing that keeps me going is that I am trying to develop strength within myself. If you claim you love her as you do, then you must love yourself, because you shouldn’t live life for another person. You must love yourself before you can truly bestow love upon another…

trust me, I know…We broke up because of my insecurities. I lied about stupid little things to make myself look better and all that got me was my soul-mate being unable to trust me. I feel so guilty, responsible and horrible all at the same time for causing this amazing person so much pain. I actually saw him Sunday for the first time and he was impressed at my honesty. He is proud of me and there may be a chance we can work it out. I’m not saying that it is for sure that if you are confident she will come back, but no matter the outcome, you will gain strength and that is the greatest gift of all.

Endure the pain….feel it, it means that you did really love her. Do not feel ashamed for being in the place that you are!!! Just continue on, as hard as it is and you will grow.

Good luck and feel free to write back.

Princess becca